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stds-802-16: SYSREQ: Request for Content

Hello all,

Subject: SYSREQ: Request for Content

So far, we have just an outline that the 802.N-WEST study group's "system
requirements" task group developed.  We also do not have a document title, or
text for the purpose/scope.  I would like to open our discussions first by
submitting this outline and soliciting your input on the outline itself, and
text for the title, scope and purpose.

At the 802.N-WEST meeting in Austin, someone hand-drew sketches of a protocol
layer stack and interface reference model.  It would be great if that person
submitted a digital version of those diagrams to the list for discussion.

Although we do not yet have a scope or purpose, I think it might help if I
stated my opinion, which follows, and ask for your input.  At the Austin
meeting, I think we agreed that the document should describe, in high-level
terms, the system architecture, the features it should support, a reference
model for external and internal interfaces, performance and capacity
requirements, etc.  It should provide guidance for developing the 802.16 air
interface standard, particularly, the MAC and PHY protocols.  But the guidance
should not be so detailed that the system requirements are over-specified or
result in a document that is too long, or too late.  And generally speaking,
the system requirements describe the "what" part.  The "how" part should be
left to the air interface standard that will encompass the MAC and PHY

Also, of particular interest, in my humble opinion (IMHO), are:

   -The service description: describe what targeted services the system
    should offer

   -Capacity requirements statements

   -Performance goals; bps delivered to end customer

   -External interfaces and reference model: diagram and interface

But feel free to submit text for any section of the outline.  Also welcome is
text for any common minutiae with which you may have experience, such as
glossary items, abbreviations, 802.1/2 conformance statements, layer
management interface (LMI) issues, and Operations, Administration, Maintenance
and Provisioning (OAM&P).

Additionally, we have some examples of documents of similar scope. [If you
have other examples, please feel free to post them to the list.]  I attached
one of them to this message (thanks to Jim Mollenauer for providing them).
One is from the 802.6 DQDB MAN.  It is very short (6 pages).  Another is from
802.14 CATV access and can be found at
http://www.walkingdog.com/catv/94-002.pdf.  That one is longer (36 pages).
The third one, which is not attached due to copyright purposes, is from
ETSI/BRAN: TR 101 177 V1.1.1 (1998-05) "Broadband Radio Access Networks
(BRAN); Requirements and architectures for broadband fixed radio access
networks (HIPERACCESS)."  But it is available for you to down-load from ETSI's
web page (once you register with them) at
http://webapp.etsi.org/publicationstemp/5941.htm.  These documents may give us
some guidelines for creating our own system requirements.  As you read them,
please think about how they apply to the outline we already have.  For
instance, some parts of the BRAN document we probably do not need for ours.
Also, please note that it took a year for the ETSI group to create the BRAN
document.  We hope not to take that long.  Also, please note that 802.6 document
is a transciption of a faxed original and might contain typos.

(See attached file: sysreq_outline.pdf)(See attached file: 802_6.pdf)

Best Regards,

Brian Petry

Adobe Portable Document

Adobe Portable Document