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Re: stds-802-16: Document numbers

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Please refer to my description of document numbering conventions from my
previous message "System Requirements Document Editing Process." (excerpt
attached below).

The numbers I am using follow the IEEE LMSC document numbering rules.  I took
the liberty of using a convention for the "task group" 2-letter field, where the
first letter, "s", stands for "system requirements" and the second letter
identifies the type of document: "0-9" for committee-produced documents and "c"
for a contribution to the committe from a member.

If people in 802.16 accept this convention, then it's not necessary for me to go
to Roger or some other 802.16 database, since all documents that start with
"802.16s" come from the systems requirements task group.  For now, I am the only
person assigning document numbers in the system requirements task group.

So, let us nail down the document numbering conventions.  If you have a specific
alternative to my proposal, please send it out.

Also, note that the document number doesn't have to be same as the electronic
file name.  For now, I kept it simple, with the file names in a similar format
to the document number.  If you have a specific alternative for file naming,
please send that out too.

Best Regards,


Here is a copy of the previous mail.

This paragraph contains some minutiae for our document numbering plans.  If
you need a cure for insomnia, read on.  For any contributions that contain an
attached document, or substantative text, I will act as a "librarian" by
archiving the document and assigning it a number in accordance with the IEEE
LMSC numbering conventions.  The format for a document number produced by a
task group that does not fall under an active PAR is "802.16{tg}-yy/m" where
{tg} is a task group designator (system requirements) and yy is the year
designator and m is a sequence number which starts at 1 at the beginning of
each year and is increased by 1 each time a document number is assigned.  The
{tg} field isn't very flexible.  The allowed formats are: one letter, two
letters, or one letter followed by one number.  Here's my idea (we're open to
better ideas) for the {tg} field for system requirements documents: The first
letter is 's' which stands for "System Requirements."  That distinguishes our
documents from other task groups (MAC, coexistence, IF I/F, etc.)  For the
next character, we use a digit (0-9) to identify documents that the system
requirements group _produces_ as a committe.  To identify documents that are
contributions from members, we use the letter 'c' (stands for "contribution").
For example, we reserve the number "802.16s0-99/1" for the first revision of
the system requirements document.  And the first contribution gets the number

"Marin, Scott" <SMarin@boschtelecominc.com> on 04/06/99 10:21:52 AM

To:   stds-802-16@ieee.org
cc:    (Brian Petry/PA/3Com)
Subject:  stds-802-16: Document numbers

[Notice: It is the policy of 802.16 to treat messages posted here as

I see another set of document numbers emerging from Brian's message of
4/5/99. I suggest we move quickly to consolidate (and perhaps renumber)
documents into a single  802.16 list.

Until Roger delegates document number assignment, I suggest that people
request numbers from Roger before posting the documents on the reflector as
numbered documents. (Un-numbered, and therefore un-registered documents,
might be posted as drafts prior to being assigned a number.)

Scott Marin