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Re:RE: stds-802-16: SYSREQ: Reference Diagram from Margarete

Hi gang,

From a marketing standpoint, regarding point #3, I guess that I completely
disagree with Marianna.   I listened to Marianna's Breezecom pitch a few
meetings ago and I guess that I still guess that I do not really understand
where Breezecom is coming from with regard to the LMDS market.  

The native IP vs. ATM transport battle will be fought out in the market place,
so an argument either way is not really productive.  However, a standard that
would not accomodate both ATM and IP transport would not be an adoptable
standard.  If you look at the market leaders in LMDS right now, companies who
are deploying equipment today (e.g. Nortel Networks, Newbridge Networks, Lucent,
etc.), the majority of the deployments are ATM based and will continue to be ATM
based transport.  Such systems can handle toll quality voice services today
either through an ATM network or routed out to a Class 5 switch--not via Voice
over IP.    This ATM based equipment is not only what is being deployed, it is
what many of the LMDS Operators are demanding.   As a result, an IP only
standard does not work.

I guess in general, I really question the ability for the group to standardize
on anything right now when there are so many approaches making their way into
the market (ATM vs. IP transport, TDD, FDD, and TDMA, various modulation
approaches, etc.).  It may make more sense to let the market decide some of this
for us.  Standardization can lead to cost reduction, but I do not see us at the
point where is makes sense yet.

Furthermore, if we are to standardize anything, it is critical that the market
leaders actively deploying equipment in the LMDS industry are the ones involved
in setting the course of the technical groups.

Steve Farrell
Product Marketing Manager
Stanford Wireless Broadband Inc.
1221 Crossman Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA  94089-1117
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Subject:    RE: stds-802-16: SYSREQ: Reference Diagram from Margarete Ra
Author: Marianna Goldhammer <mariannag@breezecom.co.il>
Date:       4/15/99 5:46 PM

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  Hi All,

  Some remarks:

  1. The Inter Working Function should appear also on CPE side.

  2. We will have interworking equipment supporting data only if the
standard will not define the IWF functions.

  3. In this case, the general approach should be stated clearly as
Voice and Video over IP, the IWF functions being defined by the ITU-T /
IETF standards (H.323, SIP, etc.).

  4. If we want to support also transparent voice services ( as
fractional T1, GR 303), we have to define the IWF functions inside the
standard. This will arise a lot of work, in order to shorten the process
I think that the IWF functions may be defined in a second phase of the

  Best Regards,


       Marianna Goldhammer
       R&D Manager - Access
       BreezeCOM Ltd.
       Atidim Technology Park, Building 1
       P.O.Box 13139, Tel Aviv 61131, Israel
       Tel: (972)- 3 -6456241/6262
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      Email: mariannag@breezecom.co.il


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> Subject:  stds-802-16: SYSREQ: Reference Diagram from Margarete
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> Hello,
> Here is a contribution from Maragarete Ralston.  It is actually two
> files: a
> one-page diagram and another which is some text describing the
> diagram.  This
> diagram captures what the system requirements task group discussed at
> the Austin
> meeting.  Thank you Margarete.
> Please review the terminology, interface labels (reference points),
> and function
> descriptions.
> Best Regards,
> Brian Petry
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