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stds-802-16: ATM and IP

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    I think the PAR/Five Criteria section on 'distinct identity' comes
 into play in identifying why this standard is different from what Netro or anyone else ships.

   Maybe some focus on why HiperLAN ACCESS and other ETSI standards
do not suffice to meet the 'broad market potential' that this group is identifying.

   I attended two ETSI ACCESS sessions in January, and it is clear the carriers wanted
to have it all - IP with no overhead, and mixed-services/QOS. Thus dual modes and lots
of compromises. 

Marianna Goldhammer writes(to me, in response to the above):

   "I got the impression that there are only 2 valid markets for the WBA products:
  1. Fast Internet access, mainly for business applications.

  2. Backbone wireless distribution, as replacement of the existing
point-to-point links.

  There are two different markets with different requirements.
Unfortunately, all the standardization bodies want to give answers to
both of them. 

 My opinion is that a 802 standard should give answer to the point 1,
the telecom ETSI-BRAN should find a solution for point 2."


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