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[Notice: It is the policy of 802.16 to treat messages posted here as non-confidential.]

To 802.16 members:

This is a reminder that today is the due date stated in the call for
coexistence contributions to be presented at our meeting next week.  If
anyone has a document that they are working on, please send it to me
today (or at least let me know what the status is).  Otherwise, I will
close out the call and finalize the agenda.  Please refer to the 802.16
web site for all documents received to date, including documents
submitted on other subjects as well as coexistence.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted documents to date.  I apparently
missed one input earlier this month due to an unknown problem with
e-mail.  If anyone has sent me a contribution and I have not responded,
please contact me.

I look forward to our meeting in Montreal and am excited about doing
some actual work on developing a practice for coexistence at this
meeting.  Please come prepared by reviewing the draft Coexistence PAR
and all contributions on coexistence to date.  Also, I solicit your
ideas and participation.