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stds-802-16: Doc distribution and Flash ROM rqst for help

[Notice: It is the policy of 802.16 to treat messages posted here as non-confidential.]

At the 802.16 meeting, we plan to distribute documents by passing the
PCMCIA Flash Memory Card around the room as we did at the Boulder
meeting. Plan to bring your laptop to the meetings. We'll start the
meeting with a copy of the 802.16 Web Page on the Flash Memory Card and
then update the card with revised documents as the meeting progresses. 

Hardcopies of documents won't normally be distributed. If your need
hardcopies, print them prior to the meeting. During the meeting, you may
be able to convince someone to print hard copies, but printing
hardcopies will be largely the responsibility of those who require

I'll bring the 32 Mbyte Flash memory card that we used at Boulder. 

Can anyone else volunteer to bring an additional memory card? (A second
card will double our distribution bandwidth and provide a backup if one
card fails.) (I bought the 32 MByte card at a computer store in the
digital camera department but had be make sure the card had the PCMCIA

Scott Marin
802.16 Secretary