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[Notice: It is the policy of 802.16 to treat messages posted here as non-confidential.]


Here are some ideas on procedures to help us move forward.  

In the interest of speed, the Systems Requirements editor took the liberty
of adding text to the System Requirements draft before the July meeting.
These additions were either from 1) contributions that had not been
discussed, or 2) discussion at previous meetings that was not reflected in a
contribution.  This was an honest attempt to use common practice within the
Internet standards community to speed the work up and provide early inputs
to the MAC and Phy task groups.  However, it seems that this approach may
have been counter productive, as much of the time at the July meeting was
spent commenting on the process, and we only reached consensus on a fraction
of the issues!  

Going forward, Lucent proposes the content of the System Requirements
document (and 802.16 documents in general) should strictly be based on
contributions that have been discussed in the meeting, and result in agreed
changes to the document.  We should never edit the document before proposed
changes have been agreed upon.  This may actually speed us up, since the
focus will be on agreeing on specific changes first.  Thus, we propose the
following procedure:

1) Contributions are made on reflector; should have proposals for specific
edits (to text and figures), new work items, etc., at the end
2) Allocated to correct group(s) (some should be presented to multiple
3) Discuss in group, if don't achieve "quick" (15 minutes?) consensus on
proposal, refer to subgroup of interested parties to attempt resolution;
bring subgroup proposal back to main group
4) Determine accepted proposals at final working group session
5) Edit document and Issue updated version after all proposals have been

We may also want to consider chartering sub-working groups for large items
(management, QoS parameters, etc.).  

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