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stds-802-16: SYSREQ COMMENT

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replace "99.99%" with "from about 99.9% to 99.999%"

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The link availability requirements vary over a substantial range and a
single requirement such as 99.99% applies to only a portion of the
intended use of 802.16 systems. For some services (e.g. video broadcast)
and in some markets (e.g. emerging countries), 99.9% is acceptable and
allows for relatively low cost system installation. For telephony
services in developed countries, 99.99% is a common requirements. Some
business customers may require (an be willing to pay for) 99.999% link
availability. The requirements aren't hard limits thus the use of the
term "from about."

The 802.16 spec should allow a range of link availabilities that are
adaptable to a specific deployment and a specific customer. The link
availability depends on the operators willingness to increase system
cost to provide high link availability.

In addition, link availability increases as the distance between the hub
and terminal decreases. Link availability is typically quoted at the
edge of the coverage area but varies substantially depending on the
terminal location. A single number doesn't adequately describe the