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stds-802-16: Meeting Anouncement and Agenda for Tuesday Night Ad Hoc IDU/ODU (IF) Interface Committee

[Notice: It is the policy of 802.16 to treat messages posted here as non-confidential.]

To Members of IEEE 802.16,

Please be advised that the executive meeting of the Ad Hoc IF Interface
Committee wishes to announce a meeting for Tuesday night September 14 with the
following agenda for interested IEEE 802.16 members. 


"Jack Van der Star" <Jack@vanderstar.com>
"Stan Reible" <reible@compuserve.com>
"Erol Yurtkuran" <erol.yurtkuran@integrity-modems.com>

The Ad Hoc IF Interface Committee Executive


For interested IEEE 802.16 members an organizational meeting has been
called to
Investigate the issues surrounding the IDU/ODU (IF) interface and determine
those relevant BWA Access issues both technical and industry related so that
these can be dealt with through the assignment of tasks and a subsequent call
for contributions for presentation at the Hawaii conference. Specifics as to
the agenda and location follow:

Location: 7:00 to 9:00pm September 14 at the Regal Harvest House conference
hotel. The room is yet to be determined.

1. Review the Purpose of the Ad Hoc Committee 

- Propose a change of name to the IDU/ODU Interface Committee
- Review the stated purpose and refine if necessary

As per the WEB Site: 

This committee was created by the 802.16 Chair on 9 July 1999 to: 
 consider the ramifications of and value of an optional common interface
between the indoor unit (IDU) and outdoor unit (ODU) of BWA systems 
 suggest how standardization of aspects of an IDU/ODU interface could benefit
the industry 
 propose, for consideration at an 802.16 Plenary Meeting, a direction to

2. What are the Industry Relevant Technical Issues to be Considered - Some
- Ingress & Frequency Selection
- Cable, Connector & Impedance 
- Powering 
- ODU/IDU Telemetry 
- Monitoring
- Optical Options

3. Industry Ramifications
- What are the Benefits of having an IEEE 802.16 Recommended IDU/ODU
- What are the Benefits of not having an IEEE 802.16 Recommended IDU/ODU
- Other 

4. Go Forward Plan
- Objectives For Hawaii 
- Working Format & Communications
- Overall Objectives & Timeline

5. Assignment of Tasks and On-going Meeting Schedule