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stds-802-16: SYSREQ: Announcement of on-line balloting with instructions [note deadline: Oct. 6]

[Notice: It is the policy of 802.16 to treat messages posted here as non-confidential.]


The 802.16 System Requirements Task Group seeks to resolve comments on draft 4
of their document.  We received 144 comments that we hope to resolve through
an on-line voting process described below.  The objectives of on-line comment
resolution are to save time at face-to-face meetings and accelerate the
standardization process.  Your participation is necessary to make it

After this phase of on-line voting is complete, we will publish another
version (draft 5) of the document which will be available for another round of
comments prior to the 802.16 November 8-11 session.  Hopefully, that round of
comments will be the final one, and at the November session will resolve those
comments and "finalize" the document.

To achieve consensus on the document, we need your participation now, during
this on-line resolution process.  144 comments to resolve may seem like a
daunting task, but hopefully this process will be as simple and painless as
reasonably possible.  53 of the comments were marked "editorial" in nature
and should be simple to resolve.

Here are the instructions, and rules, for participation in the voting process.

You must be a member of the 802.16 working group and have voting privileges
(your name must appear on this list:

You must submit a ballot by submitting a simple text form which you fill-out.
The form is at http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/802/16/sysreq/ballot1.txt.  You
must submit the form via email to the 802.16 sysreq editor

Note that each comment has one of 4 possible votes:
        (A) Accept
        (M) Accept, but only if modified in some way
        (B) Abstain (not qualified to vote or do not care)
        (R) Reject

For an (M) or (R) vote, you must supply a reason for the rejection or required
modification.  We may have a second round of on-line resolution, prior to
draft 5, to resolve (M) votes.

Note that the default vote is (A), which barring conflicts and overlaps with
other votes, causes a comment to be accepted into the document.  In other
words, you must change the (A) on the form to vote otherwise.

You must vote on every comment.

You must fill out your name on the form.

If a ballot form is not filled-out properly, it will be rejected by the
editor.  If time permits prior to the vote deadline, you may resubmit a
corrected form.

The deadline for submitting a valid ballot form is Wednesday, October 6, 12:00
PM Pacific Daylight Time.

The votes will be tallied by the editor and results published soon after the
deadline.  For comments marked editorial, a simple majority is required to
pass.  If a comment is marked technical, a 75% majority is required.  If a
comment does not receive a majority in any of the 4 possible votes, it is not
accepted into the document.  Some of these comments may be contentious, yet
important to resolve.  The commentor may facilitate on-line debate of these
contentious comments using the 802.16 email reflector
(mailto:stds-802-16@ieee.org) as an opportunity to reword and make compromises
prior to the next round of comments.

The comment database is in a form that, hopefully, is convenient for members
to review.  It can be found at
A convenient way to fill out the ballot form is to have hard copies of draft 4
and the comment database while filling out the text form with a text editor.
Here are the links, for your convenience:


George Fishel (Chair)
Communications Consulting Services
Shermans Dale, PA

David Jarrett (Vice Chair)
Lucent Technologies
Milpitas, CA

Brian Petry (Editor)
3Com Corp.
San Diego, CA