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stds-802-16: Development Plan for 802.16.1 Air Interface Standard

[Notice: It is the policy of 802.16 to treat messages posted here as non-confidential.]

802.16 Session #3 produced a number of significant documents. We will be posting them over the next few days.

I would like to call your attention to one very important one:

Development Plan for 802.16.1 Air Interface Standard (Doc. IEEE 802.16-99/05)


This document details the plan for development of an IEEE Standard based on IEEE-SA Standards Board Project Authorization Request (PAR) 802.16 ("Air Interface for Fixed Broadband Wireless Access"). A detailed timeline is accompanied by descriptions of the meeting inputs and outputs as well as selection and revision processes. The plan describes a strongly contribution-driven scheme which encourages contributors to supply documentary information in increasing detail as the process proceeds. It establishes a cooperative approach in which improvements to and mergers of contributions are anticipated and encouraged. The plan is centered around meetings held approximately every two months. The aggressive time scale aims reflects the PAR target completion date of 31 January 2001.

This plan was developed during 802.16 Session #3 (13-17 September 1999 in Boulder, Colorado) with significant input from the MAC and PHY Task Groups, which used it as the basis of their Call for Contributions. It was presented without objection at the Closing Plenary (17 September 1999).

The Development Plan is a procedural matter and is therefore, according to 802.16 rules, to be decided by the Chair. However, because of the importance of the document to the entire 802.16 process, the document will be sent to the 802.16 Voting Members for approval in a Letter Ballot. Voting Members should watch for a ballot by email soon. 



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