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stds-802-16: MAC and PHY Contributions posted

I have received and posted the following two PHY contributions:

IEEE 802.16pc-99/08: Amber proposal for 802.16 PHY layer
Yigal Leiba <mailto:yigalle@yahoo.com>

IEEE 802.16pc-99/09: Physical Protocol Proposal based on DVB 
Satellite Receiver Modems for Continuous Transmissions and ETSI LMDS 
Modems for Upstream TDMA
Scott Marin <mailto:smarin@spectrapoint.com>

and the following three MAC contributions:

IEEE 802.16mc-99/05: 802.16 BWA Air Interface Medium Access Control. 
Proposal for Standard
Leonid Shousterman <mailto:leonids@breezecom.co.il>

IEEE 802.16mc-99/06: Amber proposal for 802.16 MAC layer
Yigal Leiba <mailto:yigalle@yahoo.com>

IEEE 802.16mc-99/07: Media Access Control Protocol Proposal based on 
ETSI DVB (EN 301 199)
Scott Marin <mailto:smarin@spectrapoint.com>

All are intended for presentation in Session #4. I received them 
today (October 28).

I recommend that each submitter check and confirm the index listings 
and hyperlinks as well as the PDF conversions. If you spot a problem 
in the PDF, please email me replacement PDF versions of the incorrect 
pages, or call my attention to the problem so I can try to fix it.

I will be in flight much of Friday. It may be Monday before I'll be 
able to post all of the contributions I receive tomorrow.