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stds-802-16: more MAC and PHY Contributions posted

I have received and posted the following PHY contribution:

IEEE 802.16pc-99/10: Nokia proposal for the 802.16 PHY
Carl Eklund <mailto: carl.eklund@nokia.com> et al

and the following MAC contribution:

IEEE 802.16mc-99/08: Nokia proposal for 802.16 MAC
Carl Eklund <mailto: carl.eklund@nokia.com> et al

Both are intended for presentation in Session #4. I received them this morning.

I recommend that each submitter check and confirm the index listings 
and hyperlinks as well as the PDF conversions. If you spot a problem 
in the PDF, please email me replacement PDF versions of the incorrect 
pages, or call my attention to the problem so I can try to fix it.

I have just received the following additional contributions that I 
will post ASAP:

Jeff Foerster (MAC & PHY)
Jay Klein (MAC & PHY)
Ray Sanders (MAC)
Jung Yee (PHY)
Jacob Jorgensen (MAC)
Leland Langston (PHY)
Phil Guillemette (MAC & PHY)
Kamran Etemad (PHY)
Allan Evans (MAC & PHY)
Bob Nii (MAC & PHY)