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stds-802-16: final pre-deadline MAC Contributions posted

I have received and posted the following MAC contributions intended 
for presentation at Session #4:

ATM Based MAC Layer Proposal for the 802.16 Air Interface 
Specification (802.16mc-99/09)
Farid Elwailly <mailto:farid.elwailly@stelhq.com>

An Efficient Media Access Control Protocol for Broadband Wireless 
Access Systems (802.16mc-99/10)
James F. Mollenauer <mailto:jmollenauer@TechnicalStrategy.com>, Jay 
Klein <mailto:jay@ensemblecom.com>, Brian Petry 

A Proposed Approach to Defining an Interoperable MAC/PHY Layer 
Scheduler for 802.16 (802.16mc-99/11)
Ray Sanders <mailto:rws@CircuitPath.com>

MAC layer proposal with IP QoS allowances for BWA (802.16mc-99/12)
Jacob Jorgensen <mailto:jacob@malibunetworks.com>, Chao-Chun Wang 

MAC Protocol Proposal for Fixed BWA Networks Based on DOCSIS (802.16mc-99/13)
Phil Guillemette <mailto:pguillemette@spacebridge.com>

CellMAC based MAC layer for Broadband Wireless Access (802.16mc-99/14)
Allan Evans <mailto:allane@netro-corp.com>

PHY and MAC considerations for an IEEE 802.16 Common Air Interface 
Standard (802.16mc-99/15)
Robert Nii<mailto:bobn@wytecinc.com>, Margarete Ralston 

Media Access Control Protocol Based on DOCSIS 1.1 (802.16mc-99/16)
Glen Sater <mailto:p21661@email.mot.com>

I recommend that each submitter check and confirm the index listings 
and hyperlinks as well as the PDF conversions. If you spot a problem 
in the PDF, please email me replacement PDF versions of the incorrect 
pages, or call my attention to the problem so I can try to fix it.