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stds-802-16: MMDS standardization in 802.16

There has been some discussion here on the issue of standardization 
of fixed broadband wireless access at MMDS frequencies (around 
2.5-2.7 GHz).

The charter of 802.16 is "to develop standards and recommended 
practices to support the development and deployment of fixed 
broadband wireless access systems." This means that 802.16 is not 
limited to particular frequencies. Although the charter was defined 
by 802.16 itself, I doubt that 802 or the IEEE Standards Association 
(SA) would limit the Working Group strictly on the basis of frequency.

In my opinion, 802.16 is the best organization to host the 
development of standards for broadband wireless access networks at 
any frequency. We have the infrastructure and representation 
necessary to ensure the rapid development of a sound open standard 
that will engender broad industry support. Furthermore, any BWA 
standard will benefit from harmony with our current efforts. I 
encourage anyone interested in open BWA standards to develop them 
with us.

Our air interface PAR (currently being renumbered 802.16.1) will lead 
to a standard which "applies to systems operating in the vicinity of 
30 GHz but is broadly applicable to systems operating between 10 and 
66 GHz." Thus, we are not currently approved to work on a standard 
for under 10 GHz.

On the other hand, many 802 Working Groups have developed, under a 
single MAC, several PHY standards serving different applications. 
Subject to 802 Executive Committee approval, 802.16 could vote to 
create a Study Group to write a PAR covering MMDS frequencies.