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stds-802-16: 802.16 presentation instructions

Note to all 802.16 Presenters:

I have posted a Presentation Cover Sheet, with instructions:


This is a PowerPoint file for all presentations at meetings of 802.16 
and its subgroups. It is primarily a cover sheet, along with some 
simple rules. The format of the presentation is essentially left 
free. However, note that commercial logos and other extraneous 
graphics are not permitted and that non-Acrobat-native fonts are 
prohibited unless necessary.

If you plan a presentation for Session #4 next week, please use this 
Cover Sheet. I encourage you to prepare your presentation in advance 
and submit it to me, and to the Task Group Chair, beforehand so I can 
post it to the web. I will assign a document number corresponding to 
that of your contributed document and post the material in PDF format.