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stds-802-16: 802.16.1 presentation plans

Now that the Session #4 contributions for 802.16.1 are in, I'd like 
to begin finalizing the presentation plans.

Please note:

*We received 21 PHY and 14 MAC contributions.

*It seems that we had allocated enough session time to give each 
802.16.1 PHY and MAC contribution its full hearing, as originally 
planned: 15 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of question time. 
The PHY group will have a long day and will need to make use of the 
Tuesday evening session we set aside for this purpose.

*By Wednesday November 3, the MAC and PHY Task Group Chairs should 
publish their agendas for their Tuesday and Wednesday meetings. There 
is no obligation to accommodate submissions unless they were 
responsive to the Call for Contributions. For each paper, the agenda 
should show the starting time, the document number, the document 
title, the contributors, and contributors' affiliations. These 
agendas should be presented as formal documents.

*These agendas should be formally presented for presentation at the 
802.16 Opening Plenary on Monday. At that time, motions to modify the 
agendas will be in order. After the Opening Plenary, the Tuesday and 
Wednesday 802.16.1 agendas should be considered final.

*The PHY Task Group meeting will be chaired by PHY TG Chair Jay 
Klein. The PHY TG meeting will be chaired by MAC TG Vice Chair Jung 
Yee, replacing MAC TG Chair Lou Olsen, who will be unable to attend.

*The Session Chairs must carefully watch the time. Each presentation 
must start on time, for two reasons: (1) we don't have any spare time 
to run late; (2) it won't be fair to allow unequal opportunities. 
Anyone in attendance may (and is encouraged to) raise an immediate 
Point of Order when a presentation or the following question time 
exceeds 15 minutes. If the presentation finishes early, the remaining 
time will be used for questions and answers.

*Session Chairs are responsible to get each speaker into place in 
time to start on time, even if that means disconnecting the previous 
speaker's laptop before question time is over.

*During question time, the Session Chair is responsible to allocate 
the time fairly among all those wishing to ask a question. Those with 
a question should step to the floor microphone during the 
presentation. After the presentation, the Chair should divide the 
available question time by the number of people in line at the mike 
and thereby determine the amount of time available per 
question/answer. After this time, the answer must be cut off to allow 
a opportunity by everyone in line at the start of question time. Each 
person in line is allowed a single question but may subsequently 
return to the end of the line.

*Session Chairs are responsible to ensure that question time is 
limited to clarification of the presenter's points. This period is 
not intended as a debate.

*The PHY and MAC groups are each scheduled for a four-hour debating 
period on Thursday morning. By 12:30, Voting Members must submit 
their evaluation files.

*I will post the final scoring forms as soon as I have the agenda of 
proposals to be included. This will give voters a chance to begin 
their initial scoring based on the posted documents.