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stds-802-16: posted: study on Equalization Requirements

I have posted a new PHY contribution:

Equalization Requirements for Millimeter-Wave Fixed Broadband 
Wireless Access Systems
David Falconer and Ranjiv Saini <mailto:ddf@sce.carleton.ca>

Here is the abstract:

"Wideband impulse response measurements have been made in residential 
and light industrial areas of Ottawa, at 29 GHz. Based upon these 
measured data, we have estimated the parameters of adaptive 
equalizers that would be required for LMCS/LMDS systems receiver over 
a range of bit rates. The results should be useful as a guide to 
specifying modulation schemes and a channel model for evaluation of 
candidate PHY layers for the 802.16 interoperability standard."

As you see, this is not a direct response to our current PHY Call for 
Contributions. Given the full schedule at Session #4, it has not been 
placed on the agenda. However, the document is relevant to our future 
deliberations. It has been tentatively placed on the agenda for 
Session #5 in January.