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stds-802-16: sub10. On the Frequency Bands of Interest for 802.16.sub10

     Seen from the business viewpoint, there is at the moment a big 
     interest in wireless point to multipoint solutions for  SoHo and 
     high-end residential segments, for the provision of data traffic, in 
     particular access to Internet and Intranets, LAN-to-LAN 
     interconnection and data-based VPNs.
     This is derived from several aspects, such as the de-regularization 
     process around the world and the enabling of suitable, cost-effective 
     wireless technologies for those services and applications.
     To suit these solutions, operators are looking for licensed frequency 
     spectrum bands, as a way to have control of the volume of 
     infrastructure required and proper offering of Quality of Service to 
     their customers.
     It is therefore advisable to consider as high priority within the 
     scope of IEEE 802.16sub10 the most important licensed frequency bands 
     identified below 10 GHz, specifically the (2.5-2.686) GHz US MMDS band 
     and the (3.4-3.7) GHz CEPT band
     Unlicensed bands might  be considered as well, although with minor 
     priority, as their use for public applications is doubtful for the 
     reasons mentioned above, while on the other hand private applications 
     are already covered by suitable, consolidated  IEEE 802 standards 
     Vicente Quilez