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stds-802-16: Published Contribution: Level of Standardization for Proposed802.16.3 - BWA under 11 GHz

The following contribution, expressing an opinion on the PAR drafted 
by the Sub10 Study Group, was received on January 14:

Published Document: IEEE 802.16sub10c-00/01
Title: Level of Standardization for Proposed 802.16.3 - BWA under 11 GHz
URL: <http://ieee802.org/16/sub10/contrib/80216sub10c-00_01.pdf>
Author: David Trinkwon <mailto:trinkwon@compuserve.com>

P.S. This brings the documentation of the Sub10 Study Group meeting 
up to date. I also have two documents and one slide presentation from 
the meeting, but these were not submitted as contributions with cover 
sheets, so I won't be posting them. Also, I understand that detailed 
minutes are in preparation.