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stds-802-16: Published: ETSI BRAN Liaison Letter

Title: 	ETSI BRAN Liaison Letter
Source: Roger Marks <mailto:marks@boulder.nist.gov>
Document Number: IEEE 802.16l-00/04
URL: <http://www.ieee802.org/16/liaison/docs/80216l-00_04.pdf>

I have emailed this letter to BRAN.


Dr. Roger B. Marks  <mailto:marks@nist.gov>
Chair, IEEE 802.16 WG on Broadband Wireless Access <http://ieee802.org/16>
National Wireless Electronic Systems Testbed (N-WEST) <http://nwest.nist.gov>
National Institute of Standards and Technology/Boulder, CO
phone: 1-303-497-3037  fax: 1-303-497-7828