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Re: stds-802-16: Tentative Agenda for Session #6 (6-9 March 2000)


Now that the number of proposals for 802.16.1 have thinned out to just two, 
is it not possible to avoid conflict of sub 10 GHz study group meetings 
with other meetings particularly the 802.16 meetings (PHY and MAC)? My 
company is interested in sub 10 GHz as well as 802.16.1 group and I suspect 
many members form other companies are. I would appreciate if you could 
rearrange the schedule to allow all interested parties to attend the 
802.16.1 (PHY and MAC) as well as sub 10 GHz meetings.


At 02:16 PM 2/3/00 , Roger B. Marks wrote:

>I have posted the first tentative agenda:
>         <http://ieee802.org/16/meetings/mtg06/agenda.html>
>for 802.16 Session #6 (6-9 March 2000 at the Hyatt Regency Albuquerque in 
>Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA).
>Notice that, in this version (which is subject to change):
>-The only 802.16 meeting on Monday is the Opening Plenary. That's because 
>we have a lot of business to do as a Working Group.
>-Monday and Tuesday evenings are available for Task Group or other 
>meetings. These would conflict with the 802 tutorials; the tutorial topics 
>are not yet available.
>-802.16.1 is scheduled to meet as a unit all week, without dividing into 
>parallel MAC and PHY meetings.
>-I noted that the 802.16 Intellectual Property Committee and an Ad Hoc 
>ETSI BRAN Liaison Committee may meet during the week.
>I have included hyperlinks to tentative agendas for the Opening and 
>Closing Plenary Meetings. I have scheduled a brief midweek Plenary so we 
>can all stay in touch.
>I have also included hyperlinks to lists of agendas items that need to be 
>considered by the 802.16.1, 802.16.2, and Sub10 groups. This information 
>will need to be refined into real agendas. Let me (and the Group leader) 
>know if you have items to add. The Groups should also make sure they are 
>comfortable with the meeting days and times and let me know otherwise.
>Also, please remember the deadlines:
>         Hotel Reservations: 7 February
>         Pre-Registration: 23 February (save $50)
>See <http://ieee802.org/16/meetings/mtg06/index.html> for details.
>Note that this meeting represents the 20th Anniversary of IEEE 802. A 
>celebration is planned; details as they come in.

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