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stds-802-16: Published Document: Liaison regarding frequency plan for the40GHz band

Published Document: IEEE 802.16l-00/05

Title: Liaison regarding frequency plan for the 40 GHz band

URL: <http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/802/16/liaison/docs/80216l-00_05.pdf>

Source: Barry Lewis <mailto:lewisb@ra.gtnet.gov.uk>


The document highlights some of the initial thinking of the CEPT 
group considering frequency plans for broadband Multimedia Wireless 
Systems (MWS) in the frequency band 40.5 - 43.5GHz. These thoughts 
are put forward for information and comment by a number of ETSI 
groups addressing equipment standardisation for MWS. The document 
highlights the requirements for the frequency plan under development, 
initial ideas regarding inter-operator protection, difficulties in 
successfully accommodating asymmetrical frequency assignments and 
seeks further information on spectrum requirements.