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stds-802-16: IEEE Standards Now Recognized as References for ITU-T Standards

Here is an interesting news release from the IEEE Standards Association:

(Piscataway NJ - 11 February)

A milestone for relations between the IEEE Standards Association 
(IEEE-SA) and Telecommunication Standardization Sector of the 
International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) was recently achieved 
with the announcement that IEEE's standards are now recognized as 
references for ITU-T standards.

In January 2000, the ITU-T confirmed that the IEEE is now a 
standards- development organization accepted for cooperation and 
exchange of information, and that its standards may be included as 
references in ITU-T standards, according to the provisions of ITU-T 
Recommendations A.5 and A.6. These recommendations detail the 
procedures and rules by which the standards documents can be shared.

A key part of these recommendations is the principle that information 
can be shared between organizations, and that IEEE and ITU-T 
standards can be used by the other organization as source material, 
pending appropriate copyright agreements. This recognition also 
serves to demonstrate further the IEEE's standing as a global 
standards-developing organization.

"This action from ITU-T is in keeping with the direction the 
standards community needs to be taking now!" said Judith Gorman, 
Managing Director of IEEE Standards Activities. "Standards bodies 
with niche expertise, who bring in technical participants from all 
over the world, should have appropriate standards identified and 
recognized by such organizations as ITU, IEC, and ISO. And hopefully 
ITU-T's decision will be a catalyst for similar actions from other 

 For further information about IEEE and ITU-T relations, contact 
Karen McCabe at k.mccabe@ieee.org or +1 732 562 3824.  

Copyright  2000 IEEE

URL: http://standards.ieee.org/announcements/itutstds.html (Modified: