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stds-802-16: Published: Invited 802.16.1 MAC Proposal

Title: MAC Proposal for IEEE 802.16.1

Document Number: IEEE 802.16.1mc-00/10

URL: <http://ieee802.org/16/mac/contrib/802161mc-00_10.pdf>

Source: James F. Mollenauer 
<mailto:jmollenauer@TechnicalStrategy.com>, Jay Klein, Ken Standwood 
Brian Petry, Carl Eklund, Juha Pihlaja, Kari Rintanen


The following document has been received but is unavailable at this 
time pending clarification of copyright issues. It will be posted as 
soon as possible. Contact the author for further information:

Title: Media Access Control Layer Proposal for the 802.16 Air 
Interface Specification

Document Number: IEEE 802.16.1mc-00/09

URL: <http://ieee802.org/16/mac/contrib/802161mc-00_09.html>

Source: Glen Sater <mailto:p21661@email.mot.com>,  Arun Arunachalam, 
George Stamatelos, Farid Elwailly, Jeff Foerster, Jung Yee, Scott 
Marin, Bill Myers, Leland Langston, Wayne Hunter, Phil Guillemette, 
Chet Shirali, Karl Stambaugh, George Fishel, Ray Sanders, Moshe Ran, 
Andrew Sundelin