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stds-802-16: IEEE "Technical Standards Summit" in September 2000

The IEEE Standards Association is sponsoring a "Technical Standards 
Summit" during WESCON, North America's largest OEM electronics trade 
show. WESCON <http://www.wescon.com> is September 19-21, 2000 in 
Anaheim, California, USA.

Notice that WESCON is the week after 802.16 Session #9.

WESCON has sent me a brochure about speaking opportunities at the 
Technical Standards Summit. I have posted it:


If you want to propose a talk about 802.16, you may. If you are 
interested and want to know if anyone else from 802.16 would also 
like to participate, you can let me know and I will put you in touch 
with the others. If you do this on your own, please don't represent 
your viewpoint as that of 802.16. If you DO want to speak officially 
for 802.16, then you should submit your presentation materials to 
802.16 for pre-approval.