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stds-802-16: Updated IEEE 802.16.1 MAC and PHY Proposals

At the request of the submitters, the following two documents have been updated by adding a co-submitter (Paolo Baldo) to the cover sheet. I hvae not changed the document number.


Title: MAC Proposal for IEEE 802.16.1

Document Number: IEEE 802.16.1mc-00/10

URL: <http://ieee802.org/16/mac/contrib/802161mc-00_10.pdf>

Source: James F. Mollenauer 
<mailto:jmollenauer@TechnicalStrategy.com>, Jay Klein, Ken Standwood 
Brian Petry, Carl Eklund, Juha Pihlaja, Kari Rintanen, Paolo Baldo

Title: PHY layer proposal for BWA

Document Number: IEEE 802.16.1pc-00/14

URL: <http://ieee802.org/16/phy/contrib/802161pc-00_14.pdf>

Source: Jay Klein <mailto:jay@ensemblecom.com>, Lars Lindh, Carl 
Eklund, Petri Bergholm, Naftali Chayat, Paolo Baldo