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stds-802-16: Re: Published: Bandplans for 28-31 GHz LMDS

Alcatel would like to propose an additional bandplan to be
considered for the 28-31GHz LMDS.

An uplink band of 27.500-27.850GHz paired with a downlink band 
of 28.000-28.350GHz using a 500 MHz up/down separation.


An uplink band of 27.850-28.000GHz paired with a downlink band
of 29.100-29.250GHz using a 1250MHz up/down separation.

See the attached Powerpoint file.

Source: Steve Winslow       mailto:Steve.Winslow@usa.alcatel.com
	Francois Vigneron   mailto: Francois.J.Vigneron@usa.alcatel.com

Alcatel LMDS Band Plan Proposal.ppt