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stds-802-16: publication of Session #6 documents

I am sorry to be so slow in getting the Session #6 documents 
published. One problem is that I had a busy trip all last week. 
Another is that the documents are quite messy. There were many of 
them of the flash card, and they were not well ordered. It's been a 
big task to sort through them, figure out which ones need to be 
saved, and index them all. With so many projects going now, I am 
going to need more help from the task groups; following a meeting, 
I'll need a specific set of documents to be archived and an 
accompanying index to them.

Another problem I've had is that the IEEE web site has been dead or 
virtually dead yesterday and today. You may find that you cannot 
download any but the smallest files.

I now have some of the documents ready and will start announcing them ASAP.