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stds-802-16: New IEEE 802.16 Regulatory Affairs Committee

At the Session #6 Closing Plenary, I created the 802.16 Regulatory 
Affairs Committee and appointed Gene Robinson 
<mailto:rob1200@aol.com> as Chair.

Based on Gene's recommendations, the Committee was tasked to:

*Provide focal point for 802.16 regulatory activities
*Provide coordination with 802 regulatory activities.
*Coordinate national, international and world regulatory issues for 802.16.
*Achieve acceptance of 802.16 Standards for regulatory policy and 
rules formation.
*Establish 802.16 as a representative for broadband terrestrial 
wireless interests regarding regulatory issues.
*Formulate the objectives and process for the 802.16 Regulatory 
Affairs Committee.

There is a minimal web page at http://ieee802.org/16/regcom/index.html

I encourage you to contact Gene with any regulatory issues that may 
affect 802.16.