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stds-802-16: agenda modifications for Session #7

I have made a few schedule modifications for Session #7:

*I have moved the Tutorial Open Forum 
<http://ieee802.org/16/meetings/mtg07/openforum.html> to Tuesday 
evening (instead of Thursday). Please follow the posted procedures if 
you'd like to make a presentation.

*I have indicated that 802.16.2, 802.16.3, and WirelessHUMAN will 
finish by noon on Thursday. This is so that everyone can be present 
for the motions regarding the adoption of initial working drafts for 
the 802.16.1 MAC and PHY. This is set to begin after lunch on 

*I have scheduled 802.16.1 to meet on Thursday evening. I have not 
specified an ending time. This leaves open the possibility of 
802.16.1 working late into the night to arrive at its decisions.

For the full schedule, see:

Please note that this remains tentative.