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stds-802-16: Session #7 agenda details and changes


If you haven't checked out the agenda lately 
<http://ieee802.org/16/meetings/mtg07/agenda.html>, please have a 
look. It is filling in, particularly regarding 802.16.1 (I have a 
draft agenda for 802.16.3 and will post it within a few hours).

For 802.16.1, the general program is:

*invited PHY proposals on Tuesday am; discussion on Tuesday afternoon
*invited MAC proposals on Wednesday am; discussion on Wednesday afternoon
*modeling on Thursday morning
*selection process on Thursday afternoon and evening

I did make one significant change compared to earlier versions of the 
agenda. Namely, we have three papers on error coding and a fourth on 
the way. These are serious documents on a serious topic, and we 
should give them serious consideration. On the other hand, we have 
not issued a Call for Contributions on this topic and we are don't 
have much agenda time to spare.

I have decided that we cannot deal with these error coding papers in 
the Tuesday afternoon PHY session. This is the last opportunity 
before the voting session to discuss the PHY proposals and how we can 
resolve them. That needs to be the afternoon's focus.

My solution was to create a special FEC session on Monday evening, 
starting at 8 pm. It will follow the previously-scheduled Tutorial#1 
(on Turbo Product Codes). I have been forced to relocate Tutorial#2 
(on COFDM) to Tuesday night.

Althogh I am sure things will continue to evolve, the basic agenda is 
pretty well tied down now. As I continue to process new 
contributions, I'll try to keep them within the established framework.