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stds-802-16: 802.16 Meeting #7, Documents and On-site Server

The PCMCIA flash card will be available as usual for document
distribution. Bring your laptops. Hard copies of documents aren't

In addition, we're planning to set up a laptop as a server and provide a
few 10baseT Ethernet ports around the room. The server configuration and
connection details haven't be worked out but I encourage every
participant to bring:

1) 10baseT Ethernet card for your Laptop.
2) a couple RJ-45 cables.
3) a couple RJ-45 couplers
4) a small Ethernet hub.
5) your Windows95/98 or whatever OS disks to pull drivers and other
networking software than may not be loaded on your laptop.

During and around meeting hours, we plan to set up the server laptop in
the back of the main meeting room. Using a couple hubs we plan to
provide a few Ethernet ports around the room and maybe adjacent rooms.
Those with hubs can connect their hubs which in-turn provides more ports
for others to connect.

Some folks are bringing 802.11 wireless LAN cards also. If possible,
we'll try to set up a wireless LAN as well.