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stds-802-16: 802.16.3: Comment database report and marked-up functional requirements availab le


Two 802.16.3 functional requirements documents for session #7 are now available:

** 802.16.3c-00/01: A report of comments on 802.16.3 Functional Requirements
(802.16.3-00/02r0).  This report can be found at:

** 802.16.3-00/02r1: A new revision of the 802.16.3 Functional Requirements
with comments edited-in.  This document can be found at:

We received 179 total comments.  26 of those I rejected for various reasons
(they are noted in the database report).  This leaves 153 comments
to resolve at session #7: 50 editorial comments and 103 technical.  Here's a
summary of the commentors:

Adnan Abu-dayya 4
Avi Freedman 15
Marianna Goldhammer 19
Leif Jansson 12
Mika Kasslin 28
Demos Kostas 30
Brian Petry 1
Durga Satapathy 7
David Trinkwon 32
Muya Wachira 31

Best Regards,

Brian Petry