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stds-802-16: Published: Two 802.16.3 Contributions

[David Trinkwon <mailto:trinkwon@compuserve.com> has submitted the 
following two contributions and has asked to present them to 802.16.3 
on behalf of Avi Freedman.]

Published: The use of the 3.4-3.8 (4.2) GHz band for FWA
Document Number: IEEE 802.16.3c-00/02
URL: <http://ieee802.org/16/sub11/contrib/802163c-00_02.pdf>
Source: Avi Freedman <mailto:afreed@ecitele.com>

Published: Development of 802.16.3 as an open PHY standard
Document Number: IEEE 802.16.3c-00/03
URL: <http://ieee802.org/16/sub11/contrib/802163c-00_03.pdf>
Source: Avi Freedman <mailto:afreed@ecitele.com>