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stds-802-16: Proposed Cooperation Agreement between IEEE 802.16 and ETSI BRAN

At the invitation of 802.16, ETSI BRAN HIPERACCESS (BRAN-HA) held
co-located meetings during last week's 802.16 Session #7. Two Joint
Meetings, along with small-group discussions, also took place.

The main result of this effort was an agreement between 802.16 and
BRAN-HA to cooperate, with the goal of producing a common standard.
The specific output was a proposed addition to Annex 1 ("Technical
co-operation covered by the Agreement") of the "Co-operation
Agreement between ETSI and IEEE-SA"

This proposed agreement was accepted by IEEE 802.16 at the Closing
Plenary of Session #7 on 5 May 2000. Following the Closing Plenary,
in a Joint Meeting, ETSI BRAN HIPERACCESS indicated their acceptance
of the same agreement. Both sides agreed to pursue approval with
their respective organizations.

The proposed agreement is in Document IEEE 802.16l-00/12 

I would like to put forth the following motion:

To approve the proposed "Cooperation Agreement between IEEE 802.16
and ETSI BRAN" (Document IEEE 802.16l-00/12) and forward it to the
IEEE-SA for approval.




Dr. Roger B. Marks  <mailto:marks@nist.gov>
Chair, IEEE 802.16 WG on Broadband Wireless Access <http://ieee802.org/16>
National Wireless Electronic Systems Testbed (N-WEST) <http://nwest.nist.gov>
National Institute of Standards and Technology/Boulder, CO 
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