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stds-802-16: Request to amend joint 802-16/ETSI-BRAN-HA minutes


Thanks for the suggested change to the minutes. I certainly encourage people to
read and suggest corrections to the minutes.

However, after careful consideration, I'm going to recommend against
incorporating the changes you've suggested for the following reasons:

1) The instruction to secretaries that I've read suggest that minutes should be
limited to motions, decisions that are voted on, and formal decisions taken by
the group. Discussions are not normally recorded. To avoid potential editorial
bias by the secretary, I've attempted to keep debates, discussions, comments,
and other informal points out of meeting minutes.

2) The plan is to capture agreements between the organizations in writing per
the draft agreement document that Roger presented. The comments by chairman or
others might present interpretations of the written agreement, but I don't
consider the comments made by Per or Roger as binding unless they're in the
agreement document or they're based on a successful motion. Placing the comment
your suggested in the minutes would not make the point binding; although some
people might interpret such notes as binding.

3) The joint meeting was basically in informative liaison meeting and not a
formal meeting of the respective groups. Even if a motion had been made and
accepted to formalize the points you raised, it's not clear the a vote on such a
motion would have been valid because there was no basis for either chairman to
accept such a motion.

Perhaps the best way forward is to make sure the points you've raised are
included in the agreement document between the organizations.


4) "Kostas, Demos" wrote:

> Scott Hi!
> There was an important result of this joint IEEE 802.16 - ETSI BRAN meeting
> that the minutes do not reflect.  According to my notes this result (which
> should be noted in the minutes) is as follows:
> There was a discussion on the exchange of Working Documents between IEEE
> 802.16 and ETSI BRAN.  Dr. Demos Kostas suggested that the proposed
> procedure of the Ad Hoc Group for exchanging only specific Working Documents
> upon request was an unproductive bureaucratic procedure that warranted
> streamlining.  Mr. Per Emanuelsson agreed that it was difficult for one to
> request Working Documents that one was not aware of their existence and
> added that the ETSI BRAN Hyperacid Working Documents could be made available
> to IEEE 802.16 without a special request.  Dr. Roger Marks agreed about
> working out the details of posting of the ETSI BRAN Hyperacid Working
> Documents for the IEEE 802.16 off-line.
> Dr. Demosthenes J. Kostas
> Director, Industry Standards
> Adaptive Broadband Corporation
> 3314 Dartmouth Ave
> Dallas, TX 75205  USA
> tel: 214 520 8411
> fax: 214 520 9802
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> Subject: stds-802-16: Published: Minutes of Joint Meeting between IEEE
> 802.16 and ETSI BRAN HIPERACCESS conducted on 5 May 2000 at 802.16
> Session #7
> Title: Minutes of Joint Meeting between IEEE 802.16 and ETSI BRAN
> HIPERACCESS conducted on 5 May 2000 at 802.16 Session #7
> Document Number: IEEE 802.16l-00/13
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