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RE: stds-802-16: QoS Ad Hoc

Please include me in this QoS Ad Hoc Group. I am Very much interested in the
Please include any necessary background information on what drives this
request from you at this time.  Is this to be considered an extension or
part of the IEEE802.16.3 Requirements Document; I.e., what should be the QoS
requirements for the 802.16.3 or what to build in to the 802.16.3 in terms
of capabilities to enable some "desired" (to be defined later) QoS, or a
little of both.
I thank you

Dr. Demosthenes J. Kostas 
Director, Industry Standards 
Adaptive Broadband Corporation 

3314 Dartmouth Ave 
Dallas, TX 75205  USA 

tel: 214 520 8411 
fax: 214 520 9802 


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From: George Fishel [mailto:grfishel@pa.net]
Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2000 10:11 AM
To: stds-802-16@ieee.org
Subject: stds-802-16: QoS Ad Hoc


At the last meeting of IEEE 802.16.3 (Sub-11 GHz Task Group) when
resolving comments on the proposed Functional Requirements document, two
areas were identified that would benefit by forming an ad hoc groups. This
email is a request for volunteers to serve on the section 6,
BM__Toc482757169Class of Service and 
BM__Toc482757169Quality of Service ad hoc. Members interested in
participating in this ad hoc 
committee please respond to this email indicating that you will participate.

Those who want to serve on the Ad Hoc should be prepared to submit 
suggested text, tables or figures for the group to review at meeting #8. 
I will send you a copy of section 6 as it appears now when you respond to
this email.

Best regards

George Fishel

Chairman, System Requirements Task Group