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stds-802-16: FCC Forum on 90 GHz Technologies

Here is a note I received today from Mike Marcus, Associate Chief of 
the Office of Engineering and Technology at the US Federal 
Communications Commission.

Unfortunately, the date is less than ideal, since we meet in La Jolla 
that week.


>Attached is an FCC public notice on possible civil applications for 
>the 92-95 GHz band.  A public forum will be held in DC on 7/14/00.
>We would appreciate any suggestions for speakers on the topics 
>mentioned.  Feel free to forward this announcement to others that 
>may be interested.
>Any other thoughts on these issues would also be appreciated.
>Michael J. Marcus <mailto:mmarcus@fcc.gov>
>Associate Chief
>Fax +1-202-418-1944

Notice is available at: