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stds-802-16: Proposed PAR: High-Rate Version of 802.11b

As described below, 802.11 has submitted a new PAR to extend the 
802.11b PHY so as to increase the data rate to greater than 20 Mbit/s 
(from the current limit of 11 Mbit/s). It looks to me like a nice 
project and a well-done document. The 802 ExCom will be asked for its 
approval on July 13.

The PAR is not easily available from the 802.11 web site, but I have 
posted it at our web site 

If you have comments, please let me know. We are obliged to 
communicate them to 802.11 as soon as possible, with a deadline of 
5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 11.

This is the only new PAR on the 802 agenda for this meeting.


>Dear 802 SEC members,
>On behalf of Stuart Kerry, the 802.11 chairperson, I would like to 
>notify you under the 30 day rule of the intent of the 802.11 WG to 
>submit a new PAR and 5 Criteria to the SEC at the July 2000 802 
>Plenary Meeting. 
>The PAR and 5 Criteria were generated by the Study Group for Higher 
>Rate 802.11b (HRb SG) at the May 2000 meeting of the 802.11 WG.  The 
>HRb SG  investigated technical extensions to the current 2.4GHz 
>802.11 standard that are interoperable with 802.11b and that can 
>lead to operation at data rates greater than 20Mbps.
>The presentation of the PAR and 5 Criteria has already been added to 
>the July 2000 agenda of the 802 Executive Committee.
>Please find attached the PAR and 5 Criteria as they were unanimously 
>approved by the IEEE 802.11 Working Group.
>If you have any questions regarding this project request, please do 
>not hesitate to contact Stuart Kerry or myself.
>Best regards,
>Matthew B. Shoemake
>HRb SG Chairperson