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stds-802-16: July 11 Program on IEEE-SA Editorial Process

802 Program on IEEE-SA Editorial Process
Tuesday, 11 July 2000, 6:00-8:30 pm


This session by the IEEE Standards Electronic Publishing Group, 
intended for working group editors, will provide an overview of the 
editorial process and demonstrate the features (both rudimentary and 
advanced) of Adobe FrameMaker and the IEEE Standards templates. 
Since the majority of the session will entail a hands-on overview of 
FrameMaker, it is requested that all attendees bring a laptop loaded 
with version 5.5 of FrameMaker.

A supplied zip archive 
<http://ieee802.org/16/meetings/mtg08/802editorial.zip> contains 
files that will be needed during the hands-on segment of the 
presentation.  It would be helpful for all participants to download 
this file prior to the meeting.  Its contents will be explained at 
the session.

Other recommended resources:

*IEEE Standards Style Manual, 2000 Edition (only 1996 is on-line)
*IEEE Standards Companion

Find both of these at:


*Greg Kohn <mailto:g.kohn@ieee.org>
Administrator, Standards Publishing

*Jennifer Longman <mailto:j.longman@ieee.org>
IEEE Standards Project Editor