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stds-802-16: RE:802.16.3 ADAMAS Feedback


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From: P.I. Dallas [mailto:pdal@intracom.gr]
Subject: ADAMAS : Feedback 

Dear Brian
Today I received an e-mail concerning my presentation for ADAMAS
project and I would like to thank the society of IEEE 802.16 for
the time that was given to me during the meeting although it was
not included in the agenda.

In order to clarify the framework where ADAMAS is running, I am
providing you with a Web site established by the European 
Commission where ADAMAS is included between the projects
that were approved during the 1st call of IST framework in the
area of Mobile Satellite and Personal Communications, Key Action 4


ADAMAS has also an official site that was established by
INTRACOM and the address is given below :


Best regards

Panagiotis I. Dallas, PhD
Advanced Communication Technologies
Development Programmes Dept.
INTRACOM S.A.      e-mail: pdal@intracom.gr
Peania, ATTIKA   TEL: +30-1-6690371
GREECE 19002     FAX: +30-1-6860312