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stds-802-16: Broadband Wireless Access Conference in SF this Dec.


The 2000 International Conference on Broadband Wireless Access Systems
(WAS2000) will be in SF this Dec. 4th thru 6th, as the extension of IEEE
Globecom'2000 on BWA/WAS. Most of the world BWA leaders will join the
technical discussions in this conference.

Selected papers and reports from this conference proceedings will be
published in the IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE J-SAC or Proceedings
of the IEEE for the special issues on broadband wireless access
technologies and applications.

As our 802.16 is the pioneer of this storm, I welcome you to join this
significant technical discussions as well as business panel sessions.
You are invited to be:

1. Feature Speaker of this WAS2000 if you are senior executive of your
affiliation or worldwide leader in the field
2. Sponsor of this WAS2000 - the best opportunity to increase the
visibility of your products and company which will be published in the
proceedings, IEEE newsletter, IEEE GCN, etc.
3. Exhibitor of this WAS2000 - present your innovations on BWA.
4. Guest Editor of our IEEE Special Issues on BWA in IEEE ComMag, J-SAC,
etc. - if you contribute to the success of this WAS2000.

The website of WAS'2000 is at: http://w-access.com/ OR

If you are also interested in the IEEE Globecom'2000 on Broadband
Wireless, please go to:

If you have any question, please feel free to let me know.

Thank you.

All the best & see you @ session#9.

Willie W. LU, Infineon Tech.
Chair, IEEE Globecom'00 BW & WAS'00
Feature Editor of Wireless Comm., IEEE ComMag & J-SAC
Chair, IEEE Tech. Subcommittee on Broadband Wireless (In Progress)
E-mail: wwlu@ieee.org