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stds-802-16: up-to-date Member and Observer lists

I have updated the Session #8 attendance list, as provided by the 
Secretary. 165 people attended; 128 received credited for having 
"participated" by attending at least 5 of the 7 meetings intervals:


Based on this data, I have also brought the Potential Member, 
Observer, and Potential Observer lists up to date:

	http://ieee802.org/16/members_pot.html    [39 people]
	http://ieee802.org/16/observers.html      [27 people]
	http://ieee802.org/16/observers_pot.html [150 people]

Please notify if you see any problems. Also, update your contact data using:


Potential Observers can use the same form to request Observer status.

*The 802.16 Membership list has grown a bit:

	http://ieee802.org/16/members.html       [107 people]