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WPAN/ A book about the Bluetooth Specification

Dear all,

I would like to (pre)announce to you my book on the Bluetooth
specification, which I coauthored with my colleague Brent Miller, titled

 Bluetooth Revealed: The Insider's Guide to an Open Specification for
Global Wireless Communication

Both Brent and I have worked on the development of the specification
representing IBM in various technical groups of the Bluetooth SIG. The book
represent an extended summary of the more than 1,500 pages of the

The book will be published by Prentice Hall (expected publication date:
September 25) and it can be found at


(in the book search entry type the ISBN number of the book: 0-13-090294-2
*include the dashes*).
This web-site will direct you to a number of locations from where you can
preorder the book.

In the following web-site


you can find a summary of the book as well as excerpts from its first
chapter outlining its contents.

I will keep you informed with additional details I receive from the
publisher on the book.

Best Regards,

Dr. Chatschik Bisdikian
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
30 Saw Mill River Road, M/S H3-B34
Hawthorne, NY 10532, USA
tel#: +1 914 784 7439
fax#: +1 914 784 6225
e-mail: bisdik@us.ibm.com

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