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stds-802-16: Task Group Review Comments: Commentors please verify


We have posted the comments received, as input to 802.16 session #9, for the
802.16.1 task group review.  The contribution IEEE 802.16.1c-00/05r1 at
http://ieee802.org/16/tg1/contrib/802161c-00_05.pdf reports all the comments
received, sorted by page #/line # and by commentor name.

All those who have submitted comments, please use this document to verify I have
received and processed your comments correctly.

Here are some statistics:

   Total comments received: 315
   PHY-specific comments: 58
   MAC-specific comments: 220
   General comments: 37
   technical comments: 137
   editorial comments: 174
   TBD comments: 4

Congratulations to the most prolific commentor, Ken Stanwood: 47 technical and
57 editorial comments.

Best Regards,

Brian Petry