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RE: stds-802-16: stds-802-16-3: TG3 MAC Sub-Group

Considering that some of us had to leave before the meeting finished last
Friday and the IMPORTANCE/URGENCY of the TG3 MAC issues is it possible to
get the draft of the  minutes/report of the Denver meeting ASAP this time to
enable us intelligently support the current email activities(e.g.,
nominations of the chair the MAC sub-group) based on last minutes decisions
at the Denver meeting?  Many thanks.

Dr. Demosthenes J. Kostas
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Adaptive Broadband Corporation

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Subject: stds-802-16: stds-802-16-3: TG3 MAC Sub-Group


Further to last week's meeting in Denver, I wish to nominate Huanchan Ye to 
chair the MAC sub-group. I wasn't able to do this last week until I had 
discussed it with Huanchan who was unable to be in Denver.

Marianna - are you still willing to second this nomination, as discussed
week ?


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