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RE: stds-802-16: RE: 802-16-3: Creation of TG3 MAC Ad Hoc


You clearly said that you would ask for the volunteers to head the MAC group
in the reflectors. I do not think you did so. Unless I missed your Email.


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Subject: stds-802-16: RE: 802-16-3: Creation of TG3 MAC Ad Hoc

At the recent TG3 meeting there was considerable discussion about
establishing a TG3 ad hoc group with the charter to prepare a single
consolidated set of TG3 comments to the TG1 MAC document.  However, no one
volunteered to chair this ad hoc.

That is no longer the case.  Subir Varma of Aperto Networks has volunteered
to chair a TG3 MAC ad hoc and I have appointed him to that position.  He
will be soliciting additional members via the 802.16 reflector.  So as not
to clog up the main reflector with the TG3 specific MAC comments, Subir will
maintain an e-mail list of interested parties.  You must be on that list in
order to participate, so it is important to let Subir know you are
interested.  If you want to serve, you can contact Subir at

Brian Kiernan