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stds-802-16: 802.16.2 (Coexistence) Final Task Group Review Underway

Title: 	FINAL TASK GROUP REVIEW: Call for Comments on IEEE 
802.16.2-00/01r9 (Coexistence of Broadband Wireless Access Systems)

Document Number: IEEE 802.16.2-00/07

URL: <http://ieee802.org/16/coexistence/docs/802162-00_07.pdf>

This published Call for Comments initiates the Final Task Group 
Review of IEEE 802.16.2-00/01r9 (Coexistence of Broadband Wireless 
Access Systems), which is available at 

An ASCII version of the Call for Comments is enclosed below. We 
welcome your participation.

Call for Comments on IEEE 802.16.2-00/01r9
"Coexistence of Broadband Wireless Access Systems"
Open: 8 October 2000
Deadline: 1 November 2000

Task Group 2 of the IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless 
Access is conducting a review of Document IEEE 802.16.2-00/01r9, 
entitled "Coexistence of Broadband Wireless Access Systems" 
<http://ieee802.org/16/coexistence/docs/802162-00_01r9.pdf>. The 
intent of this Review is to finalize the document for Working Group 
Letter Ballot following 802.16's Session #10 (6-10 November 2000). In 
the Review, the Task Group invites comments on the document. 
Reviewers are encouraged to be thorough, specific, and concise so the 
next version will be ready for Working Group Letter Ballot. Anyone 
may participate in the Review.

To submit comments, please follow the detailed instructions in the 
802.16 Document Comment Procedures (see 
<http://ieee802.org/16/docs/00/80216-00_19.html> or the PDF version 
<http://ieee802.org/16/docs/00/80216-00_19.pdf>). Only comments 
following these instructions will be considered.

Take note of the following:
 Comments must be submitted using the 802.16 comment form and 
emailed to the 802.16 reflector <mailto:stds-802-16@ieee.org> with 
the subject line "TG2 Comment".
 If your comments cannot be expressed in text form, you may 
contribute a document for publication on the web using Revision 8 or 
higher of the 802.16 Document Submission Template 
<http://ieee802.org/16/docs/802_16_template.doc>. Following 
publication, you may submit a comment referring to the document by 
number. Submit such contributions by 27 October to:
Andy McGregor <mailto:mcgregor@nortelnetworks.com> (802.16.1 Task 
Group Co-Chair) with a copy to 802.16 Chair Roger Marks 
 The comment submission deadline is 1 November 2000.
 Comments submitted by 20 October will be reviewed at the 25-26 
October Task Group Meeting in Ottawa, Canada.