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stds-802-16: WirelessHUMAN report

Here is a report on the status of and plans for WirelessHUMAN:

*I submitted the PAR:

	<http://ieee802.org/16/human/par.html> or

to the 802 Executive Committee on time. I have also arranged to get 
it on the agenda of the IEEE-SA Standards Board for possible approval 
on December 7,  provided that 802 approves on November 9.

*The PAR has led to some strong reactions from people in 802.11. Some 
have voiced strong opposition; others have suggested placing the work 
under 802.11. I have collected the comments together and posted them:


*Based on this reaction, we are planning a Monday evening (6 
November, 8:00-9:30 pm) discussion on "Implications of the proposed 
WirelessHUMAN PAR on the 802 wireless program." The abstract is 
below; the full description (with hardly any more detail) is at:


We originally discussed holding this session on Tuesday, but it was 
moved to Monday so that it will assist the other Working Groups in 
drafting their comments on the PAR (these are due to us by 5 pm on 

*Notice that the session is rather ill-defined. I would like to have 
some speakers presenting the thoughts from an 802.16 perspective on 
the issues in the abstract. If you would like to be one of those 
speakers, let Durga <mailto:durga.satapathy@mail.sprint.com> and me 
know. We need to have some people doing some serious preparation for 
this session. Otherwise, I am afraid the current PAR will be in 

*During Session #10, the WirelessHUMAN Study Group needs to focus on 
the following:
   -Mon afternoon and up to 8 pm: organizing itself for the evening session
   -Mon 8-9:30 pm: advocating a position and looking for common ground
   -Tue: discussing reactions to the meeting and developing a revised position
   -Tue at 5 pm: distributing comments received by other WGs
   -Wed by 4 pm: preparing response to comments of other WGs
   -Wed by 4:30 pm: getting WG to approve revised PAR at WG Midweek Plenary
   -Wed by 5:00 pm: getting revised PAR into boxes of 802 ExCom members
   -Thu before 3 pm: preparing Call For Proposals as described in PAR
   -Thu 3-5 pm: getting plans approved at Closing Plenary
   -Thu night: attending 802 ExCom meeting during WirelessHUMAN motion




"Implications of the proposed WirelessHUMAN PAR on the 802 wireless program"


This meeting, organized with a more interactive format than a 
traditional tutorial, covers the implications of 802.16's proposed 
Wireless High-Speed Unlicensed Metropolitan Area Network 
(WirelessHUMAN) PAR <http://ieee802.org/16/human/par> on 802's 
wireless program. The WirelessHUMAN PAR targets operation in the 
unlicensed bands between 5 and 6 GHz, where 802.11 already supports a 
physical layer and 802.15 may be considering operation. While the 
draft PAR proposes a PHY based on 802.11a, the intent is to base the 
MAC on 802.16, which the Study Group believes is more suitable. 
Questions to be addressed include:

* Can we identify a prescription to ensure that WirelessHUMAN systems, as
described in the draft PAR, can coexist with nearby 802.11a systems?
* If not, should 802 reject the WirelessHUMAN PAR, and what will be the
* Would it be wise to radically transform the WirelessHUMAN PAR?
* Is there a procedural mechanism to ensure that the WirelessHUMAN standard
development accounts for the interests of 802.11 (and possibly 802.15) members?